3 Breathtaking Views in Ellensburg, WA

Surrounded by picturesque mountains and filled with beautiful forested trails, Ellensburg is a prime location for hiking. Numerous lookouts provide remarkable views of Ellensburg and the surrounding valley. Discover the breathtaking viewpoints located around Ellensburg and head out for a hiking adventure today!

Photo courtesy of WTA

1. Manastash Ridge

A great scenic trail in the heart of Ellensburg, Manastash Ridge offers some pretty spectacular views of Ellensburg. The valley below offers astounding views of the agricultural land surrounding Ellensburg and the rugged mountains off in the distance make for a gorgeous photo op. Drive up to the ridge early enough in the morning and you might catch the Ellensburg fog sitting overtop, a beautiful scene that gives the appearance of the mountains rising from the clouds. Add in the striking colors of the sunrise, and you’re in for a wonderful start to the day.

2. Reed Park

Reed Park sits upon Craig’s Hill above the Ellensburg Rodeo arena and provides a panoramic birds-eye view of Ellensburg, the Kittitas County Fairgrounds, Central Washington University, the Kittitas Valley, and the Stuart Mountain Range. This Ellensburg viewpoint is easily accessible, making it perfect for bringing kids along. The park also has walking trails to explore and is a popular location for sledding in the winter.

3. Lion Rock

Lion Rock is a stunning location for watching the sunset or picnicking and offers magnificent views that are sure to make for an unforgettable experience. The lookout offers breathtaking, scenic views of the Central Cascades and the Kittitas Valley. As you drive up the mountain, you are treated to picturesque meadows of wildflowers. Pair this with the stunning 360-degree views at an elevation of 6,360 feet to experience breathtaking views throughout your entire visit. Lion Rock is also an excellent location for camping if you want to enjoy the view even longer. Set up camp, admire the gorgeous sunset, and gaze into the night sky to see the bright stars for the ultimate Ellensburg adventure.