5 Places to Bike in Ellensburg!

Whether it be a trail or road, Ellensburg has a ton of options for biking. On your next biking adventure in the Ellensburg area, check out one of these five locations for a wild ride!

Highway 10

For a bit more of an open road ride, try out Highway 10. Head west on University Way from Ellensburg, turn right on Reecer Creek Road, then an immediate left on Highway 10. There’s no bike lane, so watch for traffic! The speed limit is 50 mph at its slowest area, but motorists tend to travel faster, so be careful of your surroundings. This road is fantastic for viewing the Yakima River. The ride is pretty manageable when you’re near Ellensburg and grows more difficult as you head west.

Historic Downtown Ellensburg

If you’re looking for a casual ride through a beautiful town, try riding through Historic Downtown Ellensburg. You can see beautiful architecture that has been preserved from the 1890s, and pedal past a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries. This is a great option for those trying to explore the town of Ellensburg and be active while doing so!

Manastash Ridge Northface Ride

This ride combines a few trails and is great for avid mountain bikers. Start on the Chest Pains trail and cross the irrigation canal and work your way up. Then hook a left, staying left of Oh Deer at the first intersection and then right of Pink Pelvis at the second intersection. You’ll find your way to the top of Manastash Ridge and the downhill of this is exhilarating!

Iron Horse/John Wayne Trail

The Iron Horse/John Wayne Trail is located along the Yakima River and is a fantastic cycling trail. It is mostly flat, making for a pretty easy ride. It is filled with a ton of flowers and sunny days make this a very scenic ride! You’ll be meandering through forests, rivers, and desert land, so you’ll never be bored on this long ride!

Reecer Creek Road

Head west on University Way and turn right on to Reecer Creek Road. This road meanders through pasturelands, going north and then turning into Bender Road, which will bring you back into town. A nice casual ride if you want to get outside and bike, but not on tough terrain!