5 Ways To Support the Local Community While on Vacation

Be conscious of the impact that you make on the places you visit, and immerse the whole family into activities that support the local community. Good travelers always leave their destinations in just as good conditions as when they arrive — or even better. Here are some great ways you can support the local Ellensburg community while on vacation:

Photo courtesy of Winegar's

1. Eat Local

Ellensburg has countless restaurants with rich history, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t visit one during your vacation. Local restaurants have been crafting their menus for many years, so they will surely have a dish made to your liking. Hidden gem eateries are always exciting to find! Spend your time visiting local restaurants and learn about the history behind Ellensburg while enjoying a delicious meal made from a local kitchen.

Let us kick start your search by introducing you to Winegar’s Homemade Coffee and Creamery! This business started with humble beginnings in the Diary Farm. Truman and Phoebe Winegar, founders of Winegar Dairy, began dairying at the Ellensburg farm in 1956. Now, Winegar’s continues to make history through their ice cream and espresso business that is three generations deep as of today. Learn about local Ellensburg history & enjoy a sweet treat ‘ that’s what vacationing is all about!

2. Shop Local

It is important to shop at neighborhood Mom & Pops to help contribute to their business’ success. Most small businesses rely on local folks to keep their business running, so it is helpful when visitors use their word of mouth to spread helpful information about local businesses. Be a change in the local community!

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Photo courtesy of FISH

3. Volunteer

Dedicate one day of your vacation to volunteering – that’s all it takes! Donating your time to the local community is one of the best ways to give back. Just a few hours of your day makes a huge difference. Volunteer at an organization that aligns with your life, and connect with locals who share the same passion. You will find that your trip becomes more memorable when you put aside time to touch lives in the community.

Let us help you contribute to the beauty of Ellensburg through volunteering with the FISH Community Food Bank. This local food pantry is a place for those who find it in their hearts to give to the less fortunate in the Ellensburg community. FISH is constantly hosting events and food drives for individuals to be a part of, and are easily contactable! Fellow volunteers and staff would love to include you in their efforts on your vacation stay. Make a meaningful difference in the well-being of the Ellensburg community through FISH, on your next trip!

4. Purchase Gift Cards

Wanting to get a gift for a friend, but don’t quite know what to get? Buying a gift card is the best option. Gift cards guarantee a sale for the local business & immediately supports their small business efforts!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Evolve Clothing & Jewelry for all of your gifting necessities. This local business focuses on providing Ellensburg with unique pieces of jewelry and clothing from all around the world. Purchase one of their gift cards to support their business efforts, along with merchants and artists from around the globe!


Photo courtesy of Evolve
Photo courtesy of Gallery One

5. Purchase Local Art Instead of Souvenirs

Skip the generic gift shop and purchase a unique piece of art from a local gallery instead. You will find sentimental memorabilium in a local gallery, as opposed to a gift shop souvenir. It’s a better choice, for all parties ‘ especially the local community.

Gallery-One is the perfect local gallery to support when vacationing! Many of their exhibitions and pieces feature the art work of local and regional artists. Find out more about Gallery-One here.