5 Local Shopping Destinations in Ellensburg, WA

Looking to go on a shopping Ellensburg spree? Whether you are looking to explore our downtown or bring a locally made souvenir back home, Ellensburg is the place for you! From clothing to recreational goods, Ellensburg has enough variety to meet the needs of everyone in the family. With tons of local shops opened and ready for customers, here are some to check out next time you visit.

Photo courtesy of Evolve

Evolve Clothing and Jewelry

Located in downtown Ellensburg, Evolve specializes in supporting small businesses, both locally and around the world. With much of their line imported directly from India, Thailand, and Nepal, they offer many authentic items with an international feel to them. They also have products that are made from artists right here in Washington state, so there is plenty of variety within their product line. With focus on quality materials and comfortable, sophisticated designs, Evolve combines comfortability and elegance into their products. Whether it’s a shirt, hat, earrings, or curtains, Evolve is sure to provide you with the best there possibly is.

Red's Fly Shop

If you love fishing, Red’s is the place for you. Being Washington’s biggest outfitter, shop, and guide service, they have everything that beginning and expert fishers would need and want. Located near Yakima River Canyon, they offer plenty of on-river services too such as boat launch access, river and fishing raft rentals, and drift boat rentals. At Red’s, they are dedicated to serving every customer with the same passion, whether it be on a phone call, an online order, or an in-person experience. Next time you need to stock up on fishing gear, look no further than Red’s Fly Shop.

Photo courtesy of Red's Fly Shop
Photo courtesy of Ellensburg Floral & Gifts

Ellensburg Floral and Gifts

Keeping it green. That is the motto that Ellensburg Floral and Gifts lives by as they thrive to reduce waste while still offering the highest quality products. Ellensburg Floral and Gifts offers a wide array of premium floral arrangements that span from everyday use to weddings and anniversaries. They also have a multitude of antique and restored furniture, home decor, and gifts to fit any customer’s budget. These gifts include things such as soaps, jewelry, small home decorations, and plenty of plants to bring home. During the holiday season (November to December), they have their annual holiday display that is a must see when in Ellensburg!

ReCycle Bicycle Shop

If you are looking for anything bike related, then look no further than ReCycle Bicycle Shop. Here, they specialize in all things bicycles whether you need a repair on your own or you’re looking to buy a new one. They also offer many other services such as ergonomic evaluations, fitting and truing stations, and a hanging scale to help you pick the bicycle that best fits you. After you pick your perfect bicycle, ReCycle also offers group rides and soon-to-come classes. You can decide between an outdoor group ride or an indoor spin that you and your friends can participate in. This is a must stop location, especially for those looking to ride during the summer months!

Photo courtesy of ReCycle Bicycle Shop
Photo courtesy of Ellensburg Pet Center

Ellensburg Pet Center

Looking to get something for your pet or even see a local attraction? Ellensburg Pet Center is here to help you. You can get all things pets here whether that be beds, tanks, toys, treats, supplements, or food. They also have animals for sale that range from dogs and cats from shelters/rescues to fish, bunnies and amphibians! Ellensburg Pet Center offers a special on Fridays called Fish Fridays which allow you to buy one fish and get another one half price! A big attention getter for Ellensburg Pet Center is Buddy, the face of the business. Buddy is a wild caught African grey parrot that lives at the store. Her species is considered one of the smartest birds and they have a lifespan of 55 – 70 years. So stop on by Ellensburg Pet Center if you ever have pet needs or just want to see Buddy!