A Century of Community Support

Community events hold a significant place in the hearts of residents, and the 2023 Ellensburg Rodeo is no exception. As one of the most anticipated events in the area, the Ellensburg Rodeo owes a major portion of its success to the unwavering support of local sponsors. These sponsors play a pivotal role in ensuring the rodeo’s smooth execution, allowing it to flourish year after year. The importance of local sponsors in shaping the 2023 Ellensburg Rodeo and their contribution to the event’s continued success is unwavering and difficult to match. Click here to learn about this year’s sponsors!

Local sponsors of the Ellensburg Rodeo contribute significantly to the event’s economic impact on the community. By investing in the rodeo, these sponsors help to create numerous job opportunities for residents, ranging from event staff to local vendors. The influx of visitors to the area also benefits local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. The revenue generated from the rodeo directly translates into the economic growth of Ellensburg, promoting prosperity and sustainability. Click here to learn about the Centennial Celebrations!

The support from local sponsors also reflects the strong community spirit and the pride residents have. By backing the rodeo, sponsors actively participate in showcasing the heritage and traditions of Ellensburg. 100 years of Rodeo proves this to be true. For a century, this involvement has fostered a sense of unity and belonging among residents, as they witness how their collective efforts contribute to the event’s success.

The Ellensburg Rodeo holds deep cultural significance, not just as a sporting event but also as a representation of the region’s rich heritage. Local sponsors recognize the importance of preserving this heritage for future generations. Their financial contributions assist in maintaining the rodeo’s authenticity, ensuring that the traditional elements and values of the event are upheld.

Organizing a large-scale event like the Ellensburg Rodeo requires extensive infrastructure, including arenas, seating, parking, and facilities. Local sponsors play a vital role in financing the development and maintenance of such infrastructure. Their investments result in better facilities, improved visitor experiences, and the overall enhancement of the rodeo’s image, attracting even more attendees in the future.


Many local sponsors of the Ellensburg Rodeo are businesses and organizations based in the community. Their involvement goes beyond monetary contributions, as they often engage in social initiatives that benefit the local population. These go beyond financial contributions. As you walk through the town you’ll notice local businesses participating in storefront window painting, wearing Western attire, and hosting community events. They volunteer spirit, products, time and more in support of the annual rodeo. Click here for upcoming Ellensburg Rodeo events!


The sustained support of local sponsors plays a critical role in the long-term viability of the Ellensburg Rodeo. By offering consistent financial backing, these sponsors provide stability to the event, allowing organizers to plan and execute future rodeos with confidence. For over 100 years, Ellensburg and its surrounding communities have contributed to the success of this local tradition.

The 2023 Ellensburg Rodeo owes much of its success and significance to the unwavering support of local sponsors. These pillars of community backing not only contribute to the economic growth of the region but also play an essential role in preserving its cultural heritage and fostering a sense of unity among residents. As the rodeo continues to thrive, the impact of local sponsors goes beyond a mere financial transaction, reflecting the vibrant spirit of community involvement that defines Ellensburg. With their continued support, the Ellensburg Rodeo will undoubtedly remain a cherished and celebrated event for years to come. Click here to learn more about the Ellensburg Rodeo!

2023 Ellensburg Rodeo Sponsors:

Avanta Dental, Bares & Broncs, Brookside Funeral, Buzz Inn SteakHouse, Commercial Tire, Ellensburg Powersports, Ellensburg Tire Center, Gylling Consulting, Heritage Bank, Kittitas County Tribune, Kittitas County Tribune, McKinstry, Sanelli Insurance, Scott Pernaa C.P.A., SS Equipment, Stingley Ranch Trucking INC, The Ferrell Team at ReMax, Umpqua Bank, and Wheatland Bank.