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If you are on the hunt for a unique place to get away from the daily grind, consider Ellensburg, Washington!

A short drive from Seattle, Ellensburg is a place you can experience life with ALL of your senses!


Feast your eyes on the many diverse sites in Ellensburg. Historic architecturemuseums and art galleriesmountain vistas and valley views, and parks of every size surround and encompass this city.

Fill your vision with an array of colors outside the palette of the day-to-day. If you love to watch the changing of the seasons, you’ll love Ellensburg.


Ellensburg is bursting with a variety of textures and temperatures. Tactile visitors will enjoy the array of tantalizing touches in the soft blankets of grass in our parksice-cold pint glasses, and delicate displays in our museums and galleries. Wander between local shops that offer a range of fabrics and textiles, and restaurants and tasting rooms to take the exploration of local craftsmanship into your own hands.


Tired of hearing the same old things day-in and day-out? Phones ringing, horns honking, construction noise, or the droning of your television in the background?

From the soft sounds of birds and calls of various wildlife to the raucous roar of a rodeo crowd, Ellensburg will fill your ears with sounds of delight.


In our community, farming is a way of life that informs much of what we do.

Crops are harvest the bounties of the land and produce them into goods to be enjoyed, many of which can be tasted. The number of local vineyards and brewpubs are growing.


Ellensburg is a place that will spark feelings of excitement, peace, amazement, relaxation, or whatever suits your perfect vacation.

Here, you can let the wind that creates power for our region move through your hair, swell with pride as you see the American flag carried in our Rodeo and parade Labor Day Weekend. It is the feeling of belonging in a place that’s home to a rich history with modern people who love sharing their stories.


On your next trip to Central Washington, take time to Make Ellensburg YoursSM. Whether you’re looking for delicious diningsomewhere to play or to plan a stay, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit to fill your senses.

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