Barn Quilts Trail

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Kittitas County is Home to Washington State’s First Barn Quilt Trail!

Kittitas County is the first in Washington State to have Barn Quilts and a tour. The Barn Quilts are a beautiful way to honor Kittitas County’s agriculture industry and the farm/ranch families that settled in the area. This is also a unique and exquisite way to promote the community and local sponsors, through the creative skills and talents of its community members.

Barn Quilts are usually 4×4 or 8×8 (depending on the size of the barn and proximity to the road) and will display traditional quilt blocks or modern designs and will have special significance to the farm or ranch. The Barn Quilts will stay on the barns all year long. The Barn Quilt Trail will be a self-guided tour with a map of the trail and information about each barn’s history, quilt block, and the sponsor of the Barn Quilt.

The Barn Quilts are new to Kittitas County and will be a fun, educational, and exciting scenic adventure for everyone to enjoy. Barn Quilts of Kittitas County, a non-profit, was registered with the state on June 19th, 2012 and the first Quilt Barns were painted and installed during the 2012 summer. If you haven’t yet been… click below for your map and being the Barn Quilt adventure today! (Open year-round)

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