Celebrating 10 Years of Trendy Fashion: The Success Story of Claim Clothing Boutique on Pearl Street

Written By: Stephanie Castillo

A decade ago, Claim emerged as a beacon of boutique shopping in our town, igniting a wave of excitement that still resonates today. Recently, the boutique celebrated its 10-year anniversary, a testament to its enduring appeal and commitment to keeping things fresh. The carefully curated window displays, a creative endeavor by Megan and her husband, have become a local attraction, always hinting at what’s next in store.

The Founding of Claim Clothing

Megan, after graduating from CWU, embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship by opening Claim Clothing, a dream turned reality. Together with her husband, they have shaped the boutique into a haven for trendy yet timeless fashion pieces, creating an inviting space where every patron feels like a valued part of the Claim family

An Extension of Your Closet

Claim Clothing isn’t just a store—it’s an extension of every shopper’s closet. From the
moment you step inside, the inviting staff and chic atmosphere set the stage for a
personalized shopping experience. Styling clients in the latest trends or finding timeless
wardrobe staples is their mission, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.

Experiences for Everyone

Located on the bustling Pearl Street, the heartbeat of our city’s downtown, Claim Clothing exists amidst a hub of vibrant activity. Surrounded by a mix of awesome shops, tasty food joints, and cozy wine spots, a visit to Claim becomes a part of a larger experience. Take a stroll along Pearl Street, immerse yourself in the diverse shopping scene, and indulge in the culinary delights and fine wines that complement the shopping excursion perfectly

From Midi Mom Denim Shorts to Fine Jewelry

Looking for an ensemble to rock on a hot night out, nail a laid-back work meeting, or dazzle on a special graduation day? Rest assured, Claim has you covered with a variety of affordable clothing and jewelry that will have you exuding confidence. And let’s not overlook their Midi Mom Denim Shorts—crafted for both style and comfort, making them the perfect choice for savvy, on-the-go moms.

Handpicked and Sustainable

The pride of Claim Clothing lies in its carefully handpicked collections spanning
clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Discover sustainable, eco-friendly fashion
pieces crafted in the USA, alongside unique treasures sourced from small businesses
like Claim. Dive into a world of exquisite fashion and fine jewelry, featuring semi-precious stones and customizable keepsakes. Each purchase at Claim supports a vibrant community of small businesses, contributing to a culture of creativity and diversity.

Claim's Role in Revitalizing Ellensburg

As Claim gears up to mark its ten-year milestone, it’s a time for reflection on the
boutique’s journey and impact within the Ellensburg community. From supporting local talent to revitalizing historic spaces, Claim has left a lasting imprint. Winning titles like
Best Clothing Store of Kittitas County and Washington State Entrepreneur of the Year?
That’s just icing on the cake, showing their dedication to excellence.
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A Thank You to Our Patron

To all you awesome patrons—whether you’re shopping in-store or browsing
online—you’ve been the real MVPs at Claim. Megan, her husband, and their dedicated
team are out there living the dream every day, thanks to your support and good vibes.
Thank you, a million times over, for being a part of the Claim family.

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