The holidays are quickly approaching, and for many people that means gift shopping. These are some of our favorite local businesses that are making it easy for you to support through the holiday season. They offer shipping, gift cards, and more to help ease your mind. Just make sure to put your orders in early to ensure that your items arrive in time for the holidays!
Ellensburg, as well as surrounding Kittitas County, is located in some of the most unique and varied terrain in the Northwest. Because there are deserts, long stretches of valley, and mountain ranges, a horseback-riding enthusiast can experience a huge variety of riding locations.
Every summer we look forward to Labor Day, the ultimate long weekend. This year, make Ellensburg your Labor Day weekend destination to pack in a little bit of everything during your time off! From outdoor adventures to calming scenic drives and bustling farmers markets to peaceful wine bars, Ellensburg offers the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement, exactly what you need this weekend. Plus, it wouldn't be Labor Day without our famous Ellensburg Rodeo and Kittitas County Fair! Kick back and enjoy your time off while also making memories to last a lifetime in Ellensburg!
Ellensburg is home to many businesses that are here to make your day trip or weekend getaway even better! Warm welcomes, great service, and an out-of-this-world experience are what local businesses are all about! Here are some of the best places in Ellensburg to go and treat yourself for a relaxing stay in the heart of Washington State!
Here in Ellensburg, we have plenty of safe activities for you to tackle this summer. Enjoy a stroll through downtown, picnic in a park, explore a market filled with fresh farm goods, or drive through the countryside to track down all of the Kittitas County barn quilts. We invite you to come kick-off your summer in the year-round paradise of Ellensburg and start checking off your bucket list for the season!

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With the many artists living in and around Ellensburg, there are lots of galleries and museums to choose from.
The Ellensburg community is like no other because of our commitment to provide each other and our visitors with exceptional service that goes above and beyond any request that comes our way. The kindness that we live every day inspires our tomorrow. Today is National Kindness Day, and we can't think of another community that we would want to celebrate with and be a part of.

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