Ellensburg Attractions with Free Admission

If you are looking for fun activities to engage in while you are in Ellensburg, while visiting on a strict budget, this blog is a great place to get you started.

Kittitas County Historical Museum

The mission of the Kittitas County Historical Museum is to collect, create interest, and preserve materials that, in turn, provide accessibility for everyone who wants to observe and be educated about Kittitas County history. As such, this museum is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday and admission is free. The roots of the museum go back to 1961, and in 2008 it underwent renovation. With eight different exhibit galleries (including a military room and a car room) everyone is bound to find something that interests them. This is a fascinating and free, yet educational way to spend the day.

Clymer Museum of Art

Located on 416 N Pearl Street in Ellensburg, this Museum offers free admission, and free three hour street parking. That means you can truly enjoy this experience at no cost! The museum is open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Friday, and from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. The Clymer Museum of Art is dedicated mainly to the works of John Clymer. He was an award-winning painter and illustrator, and many of his finest paintings are displayed in this museum. The Main Gallery and the McGiffin Room also showcase the works of other contemporary, regional artists in the forms of paintings, photographs, ceramics, quilts, and sculptures. If you want to view and celebrate the creative and cultural vitality of the community and the Pacific Northwest, this is a great place to spend several hours in.

Kiwanis Park

This local park, located about a mile north of the downtown area, is an ideal place to take your children to enjoy some time outdoors, no matter the season. Equipped with two playgrounds, barbeques, a picnic shelter, and restrooms, Kiwanis Park is a spectacular choice for a location to soak up the sunshine. There is also a nice grass area, a youth baseball field, and some basketball hoops. Not only is the park filled with amenities, but it also boasts the lovely feature of a creek running through it. During the wintertime, you can enjoy a fun day filled with sledding and snowball fights. Though this is a great family-oriented location, people of all ages can enjoy a day out here as it is a perfect place to have a nice picnic and take a stroll by the creek.

Take a Walk Around Historic Downtown

Nothing beats going out and enjoying some fresh air, while also admiring the historic architecture of Downtown Ellensburg. It is fairly easy to navigate and has remarkable buildings such as the Cadwell Building, which interestingly enough was made with one million bricks, or the Elmira Block or New York Cafe building. It is also convenient that there are a few parks and museums/galleries nearby too, which can act as a bonus activity while you”’re there. Downtown Ellensburg is a Certified Main Street Community, and it is said to be one of the greatest historic shopping districts within the Pacific Northwest. So, whether you just want to go on a stroll and look at the architecture, or you want to stop by the wide selection of shops, restaurants, galleries, bookstores, and more, Downtown Ellensburg is a great place to be!

This list is meant to just spark ideas of fun, free ways to spend the day in Ellensburg, WA and is by no means exhaustive. There is a wide selection of activities that you can engage in that are free of charge from parks to museums to libraries. There is something that is just right for everyone.