Ellensburg's Local Musicians

It’s no secret that Ellensburg is known for its art. From the western influence of Rodeos past to the Clymer Museum, it’s undeniable that country living is part of its roots. There’s also new age art such as The Phoenix mural on Pearl street or the Newest Gallery addition, Nuwave. Art is woven throughout Ellensburg’s past, present, and future. You can find many art galleries, wineries, craft beer, and various local restaurants featuring local talent every day, with an influx on weekends and on the First Friday Art Walk which happens on… you guessed it, the first Friday of the month. Many of the artists lean towards blues, country, and folk so, with a glass of local wine from the Columbia Valley or a local craft beer from one of Ellensburg’s local breweries, you’ll be sure to feel like one of the friendliest locals in no time.


Ellensburg’s recent, annual Winterhop Brewfest welcomed many artists from all over Kittitas County and beyond. We are still swaying to the rhythm, reminiscing on some of the great artists we heard. Some bands and artists tend to be a bit elusive coming out to the spotlight sporadically and others are quickly rising, we’ve gathered a small glimpse into some of the local talent that Ellensburg has grown to love.


 Winterhop Brewfest featured artists such as Jan Jaffe, an Indie-alternative-folk-rock singer-songwriter with an affinity for sad campfire sing-alongs, and Blue Country Fire, who plays an eclectic mix of blues, country, jazz and pop standards, featuring the voice and guitar. Other performers at this year’s brewfest included Justin Rui, Micah J and Chance Richardson.

American Honey Band

Winterhop Brewfest also featured American Honey Band, one of the hottest country/rock dance bands in the state of Washington. Known for their wild, explosive guitar solos, commanding lead vocals, and songs that make you want to get up and dance. Oh! We have to mention that they will be opening for Sawyer Brown this August!


Birdie Fenn Cent

Another local favorite, Birdie Fenn Cent, entertained many Winterhop Brewfest goers. She is a singer/ songwriter who writes and sings “as pure and honest as it gets” (local fan). Her lyrics and songs are synonymous with her life. Her songs shake things up, turn things inside out and share vulnerability line after line, song after song. Her songs consistently delivered her angelic voice accompanied by her fingerstyle guitar work.  n

Rylei Franks

Rylei Franks is an indie acoustic rock soloist who gave an awesome performance at Elove. Rylei has consistently played in Washington, drawing crowds spanning generations. His talent brought him to The Voice in 2015 and he continues to entertain crowds across Central Washington.

Whisky Trail

Whisky Trail is a blended classic rock cover band voted Wenachee’s Best in 2022! Throughout the course of their exciting journey as a group, the members of Whisky Trail have won over the hearts of music lovers across North Central Washington. Performing at a variety of venues, including wineries, pubs, festivals and private events, this talented Music Band has earned the admiration and affection of friends and fans alike.

We are already looking for our next live concert, searching for local musicians and vendors who have and will be taking the stage. Here is a list of upcoming shows this Early Spring of 2023.


Abbigale is a rockabilly band out of Ellensburg, WA. With their retro sound, Abbigale brings you back to the 1950s and gets you out on the dance floor. Get ready for a rockin’ night and bring your dancing shoes!

Joe Adami

Joe Adami performs acoustic covers and original songs about love, life, voodoo and vengeance. Pique your interest? Ours too.

Riley Schmit

Riley is a local multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who plays in multiple bands as the lead guitarist/saxophonist/pianist/vocalist. He’s a charismatic lover of all things music and always makes the crowd smile no matter the venue or audience.

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Jan Jaffe

Jan Jaffe is an Indie-alternative-folk-rock singer-songwriter with an affinity for sad campfire sing-alongs. Sound like the perfect rainy spring playlist? We think so. 


Jojo and Sarah Hahn, husband & wife, are indie-pop singer-songwriters. They occasionally feature other musicians, keeping every performance an ever-changing experience. This group is one to cozy up to and sip a delicious varietal from our Columbia Valley.


With so many talented local artists, Ellensburg is showcasing another layer to its multi-dimensional art identity. To continue to stay up to date on current shows and events, visit https://myellensburg.com/events.

Mel Peterson

Melany Peterson grew up listening to Roberta Flack, Dionne Warrick, Jerry Butler, Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin and many other Gospel, Jazz and R&B artists who shaped her musical style. Melany’s interest in singing took flight at the age of 12 singing in her hometown church in Charleston, SC. There she would often be caught alone playing the piano and singing some of her favorite tunes. Melany often reflects back to her favorite artist, Roberta Flack, to whom she owes a lot of her sultry vocals and singing style. Yet, remaining true to her own vocal styling, she coins herself as the “Song Bird of the South”.

Bryan Bielanski

Imagine Nirvana and the Beatles had a kid together who became an acoustic rock singer-songwriter: that’s Bryan Bielanski! Although he is inspired by some of the rock greats like Tom Petty and REM, he has a distinct musical style and lyrics that make you think deep thoughts and feel like you’re really alive! This critically acclaimed globetrotting singer-songwriter has been touring the US and the world for the last 11 years. Bryan Bielanski is full of fun energy and catchy songs and he is ready to entertain you!

Saltwater Sky

Saltwater Sky will be bringing an acoustic, a banjo, and kick drum… let’s sing along to a bunch of country and old school rock. Can’t wait to hang out and sip on some wine with y’all.