Ellensburg's Top Activities for a Family Getaway!

Ellensburg offers a wide variety of activities that are perfect for every member of your family! Regardless of age or skill level, these local excursions offer adventure for all and allow you to spend more quality time with those who matter most. Begin planning your epic family getaway and build your itinerary with these top Ellensburg activities!

Bird Watching

Ellensburg is home to a variety of different bird species, making it great for bird watching! Along your adventure, you’ll stumble upon many birds such as chukar, grouse, hawks, eagles, and songbirds! Places like Colockum Wildlife Area and Columbia Basin are fantastic locations to get some bird watching in! These aren’t the only locations in the area, so click here to find other spots that are top-tier bird-watching spots!


Hiking is always a great activity to get the whole family together! Ellensburg’s scenic surroundings offer so many great hiking locations, so you’re bound to find one that suits everyone’s skill level. Warm sunny days will make the endless amounts of forested trails some of the best places to be together as a family. Local hikes vary in difficulty, so browse through all of the potential trails and pick one suitable for everyone! Our suggestion is Taneum Lake. This hike is great for families as it is only about 2 miles long. Although a quick trek, the views on this hike are outstanding as you’ll see a beautiful lake, lush forests, and open meadows! For a list of all the possible hiking locations, explore all trails here!


If you are looking for a unique, relaxing activity, try some rockhounding in Ellensburg! The Ellensburg Blue agates are a famous stone in the valley that comes from a layer of basalt lava which is 47 million years old! Locals and rock enthusiasts from around the world come and look for these stones! Red Top and Rock & Tomahawk Ranch are the best spots in Ellensburg to search for these stones! This activity is perfect for the whole family and is a great way to get the kids involved! For more information, check out the rockhounding page here!


In the Ellensburg area, there is a trail and road for every biking level! This means that everyone in the family can hop on their bike and enjoy a nice ride! Shoestring Lake is a great trail to bike, as it is a beautiful and easy ride for many. Roads such as the Kittitas Highway and Reecer Creek Road are nice easy rides that will be on much more stable terrain as well. Check out these other options here if you want more suggestions for biking in Ellensburg!

Fly Fishing

The Yakima River is located very close to Ellensburg and is a fly fisher’s favorite spot to cast! This activity can be done all year-round but is especially loved during the summer months. Permits are required to fly fish, so make sure you have everything up to regulation before heading out! This activity is great for the family as kids under 14 fish for free, giving them a chance to experience a very fun activity! For more information on fly fishing, click here!


Whether you are an experienced golfer or just want to try something new, golfing in Ellensburg will be great for the whole family. Not only will you have a nice relaxing experience, but you’ll also be able to take in some amazing views as well. Ellensburg Golf & Country Club is a great location. This 9-hole, 2,988-yard course has a restaurant, pro shop, driving range, and putting green along with the course. A great change of pace when visiting Ellensburg with the family!


Ellensburg is home to many unique and local restaurants, making it a great place for family food adventures. For more on all the options you have, check out these links!