Cultural Appropriation: A Roundtable

What is “cultural appropriation”? Can the use of cultural designs, materials, or techniques that are not from your own community ever be “appreciative” and respectful? To discuss this, we have invited scholars from throughout our community to gather together and have a conversation about cultural appropriation, what it is, why it is harmful, and how to respect cultures that are not your own. To help us answer these questions, we have invited Miles Miller (Independent curator, Yakama Nation, MS in Museology), Mike Tulee, Ph.D. (Executive Director, United Indians of All Tribes), Kyle Pittman, MPA Tribal Governance (Evergreen faculty member), and Gena Peone, MLS (Independent Museum Consultant, Archivist with Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission and Independent Museum Consultant, Spokane Tribe). The CWU Museum of Culture & Environment is located in Dean Hall (1200 Wildcat Way) on the CWU Campus.

For questions, email or call (509) 963-2313


November 17, 2023, 10AM-4PM


Dean Hall (1200 Wildcat Way) on the CWU Campus

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