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Meet Mark Pickerel, Musician

Ellensburg native Mark Pickerel, began his path toward music in his teens. It was a path that led to him playing in the world renowned band, “The Screaming Trees,” as well as lending his talent on albums with Mark Lanegan, Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, Nirvana, and others.

Mark is a well-rounded musician dabbling in singing/songwriting, playing the drums, and playing the guitar, as well as the shop owner of Road Trip Records inside Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall. His passion of music has lead him around the world, but he still finds himself seeking the slower pace his hometown, Ellensburg, offers.

Listen as Mark tells his story here, in his own words.

BRIX Elevage Wine CO. & Bistro

BRIX Elevage Wine Co. & Bistro is a marriage of wine, art, and culinary passions. This family owned and operated wine bar and bistro delivers a relaxed atmosphere and strives to keep up with the trends in Ellensburg. According to BRIX, they would describe themselves as somewhere in between classical Bach and Hendrix rock, they are founded on the premise “WE MUST CREATE.”

BRIX Elevage Wine Co. & Bistro features local wines, beers, and they even feature a wine of their own called “Raised by Wolves.” Hear from BRIX part-owner, Camis Davis, on what inspired her to begin this journey and what makes Ellensburg a great place to have her business.

The Roost Tattoo Studio

Ellensburg local Tony Ritter is an artist at The Roost Tattoo Studio. He tells the story of where his passion for the art of tattooing began, and how he began his journey at The Roost.

With such a wide variety of clients, this local shop prides themselves on providing a “comfortable, inviting vibe” for each customer, in addition to really beautiful body art.

Lynda Larsen: Owner, Purity Soapworks

Vivacious Ellensburg resident and owner of Purity Soapworks, Lynda Larsen shares her experience living in this charming community.

Locally sustainable soap is the success behind Purity Soapworks. Lynda gets her bees wax, herbs and botanicals right from her own back yard. While Lynda calls soapmaking her life, see what other adventures she has, right here, in a town she loves – Ellensburg, WA!

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Meet John Graf: Principal, Lincoln Elementary School

John Graf is a man with many interests: biking, rock climbing, river rafting, slacklining, carpentry, and more. A graduate of Central Washington University and Principal of the local elementary school, John’s days are quite busy, but always interesting! He loves Ellensburg, and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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