Art Pedestrians of Ellensburg

Located in the heart of Ellensburg Historic district on 3rd Avenue, there is a fresh snowfall, a fresh new winery, and a fresh new contemporary art gallery. Nuwave (n.) means a new movement or trend, specifically in the arts. Ellensburg’s newest nu-west edition to the Ellensburg Art District is exactly that, in every way. Nuwave Gallery brings a new perspective to our beloved, historic downtown. Collaborating with Fortuity Cellars, they have created a space for all to come be immersed in award winning wine, compelling connections, and above all, the exquisite art of Erin Oostra.


Erin Oostra is a Washington-based painter, visual designer, and the owner of Nuwave Gallery. She is renowned for her strong, textured, fluid landscapes which have been featured all over the northwest. The gallery will feature 2 of her series, Present and Presence, for their opening showcase. Viewers will be entranced in these pieces. Feeling the weight of the earth, the mountains, the skies; the rigidity of her sweeping scenery will transport you to a place where you can feel the presence of the past and future come together in an all consuming present moment. We can’t wait to be swept up in the magic during their opening January 13th.

Nuwave is leaving an even larger impression on those beyond their gallery walls. Located in their back, left corner of the gallery is their Community Wall. This is a space for members of the community to drop off their 8.5x11in artwork in a dropbox for a chance to be featured on the wall. All submissions to the Community Wall are considered donations under the careful care of Nuwave Gallery. After featured art that has been purchased, the funds are then completely donated to their Cause of the Quarter. Nuwave’s quarterly pick will be a local art-related non-profit to donate to along with Fortuity Tasting Room. $2 from each of their limited edition art-focused Fortuity bottle sales along with a portion of all Nuwave art sales proceeds will be donated to that cause. Oh, yeah! We will take another bottle and another lap around the gallery, care to join us?

Not only is Nuwave taking care of Ellensburg’s creatives, but also creatively conceptualizing a healthier planet by being a part of the 1% for the Planet initiative. This is a global network of businesses, individuals, and Environmental Partners committing 1% of their sales to go towards overcoming some of our planet’s most concerning issues. Nuwave will be giving back 1% of all their proceeds throughout the year. 

Feeling as inspired as we are? Head over to their website at to purchase your tickets for their Kick Off party! Emphasis on the party. Tickets include 2 glasses of wine from Fortuity Cellars or local beer, hors d’oevres, encapsulating art and did we mention the original floors from the 1800’s? Put on your party attire because there is a new gallery in town and it’s one of Ellensburg’s Art District’s most highly anticipated events.

Speaking of Ellensburg’s Art District, take a peek around the first Friday evening of every month! This is a popular event where Ellensburg art galleries and non-traditional creative spaces (we’re looking at you, Dick and Jane’s) showcase local artists and their work. Join your fellow creative enthusiasts on their art walk through Ellensburg’s Art District. To plan your art adventure visit today!

Have you heard of chatGPT? Put simply, ChatGPT is a chatbot that can engage you in a conversation, just like a human would. Is this a  breakthrough AI technology with far-reaching impact, or a new, hyped, fad hype that will slowly dissipate as initial curiosity fades? 


We thought we’d take some questions to the chat-bot and see how it stands against our expertise. We’re battling the bot!


The screenshot shows the responses:

We knew we had the upper hand, but this completely shocked us. We see that it’s pulling incorrect information and completely missing all current galleries. We also would like to add that we had to wait for an email to enter the generator due to full chat rooms. Find up to date information on our website 24/7 right at your fingertips.


Our Ellensburg Experts win this round! Better luck next time, Chat-bot.