Unique Ways Ellensburg's Businesses Go Above and Beyond

The businesses of Ellensburg are set apart from the rest through their willingness to do what other businesses haven’t yet done. They consistently find ways to shift their services to meet the needs of the community with welcoming doors. Let us highlight some of the ways our Ellensburg businesses consistently perform above expectations:

Photo courtesy of Ano Delivery

Delivery at the Highest Level - Ano Delivery

Two gentlemen named Dante and Juan, the founders of Ano Delivery, simply do not believe in having a restricted delivery area. Their food delivery service is the only service in Ellensburg that will deliver to any location you can think of in Kittitas County. Take a look at all of the restaurants and grocery stores that you can choose from on their website: Ano Delivery. You are bound to find something that sparks your tastebud’s interest. Ano Delivery gives you the chance to try diverse culinary options, without any hassle!

Endless Options - The Mule Cocktail Bar

The Mule Cocktail bar is located in the historical downtown district of Ellensburg and offers endless menu options for Moscow Mule lovers and those craving the comfort food essentials that are coming out of the kitchen. They continue to be a local favorite for gathering with friends to grab a bite to eat and enjoy good company! Their wide range of offerings include buffalo chicken sliders, vegan beyond burgers, and their refreshing variety of Moscow Mules to top off any meal. While they re-open and welcome back customers, use this time to pay them a visit and thank them for being a consistent staple in the Ellensburg community.

It is important to shop at neighborhood Mom & Pops to help contribute to their business’ success. Most small businesses rely on local folks to keep their business running, so it is helpful when visitors use their word of mouth to spread helpful information about local businesses. Be a change in the local community!

Photo courtesy of The Mule
Photo courtesy of Gallery One

Urging Creativity - Gallery One Visual Arts Center

Looking for a new way to tap into creativity? Gallery One is the place to look for any kind of creative direction or inspiration. This art gallery is known for their diverse and engaging exhibitions, along with educational ceramic and art studios that create deeper conversations and connections through the power of art. Gallery One never fails to support Ellensburg artists along with artists all around the Pacfic Northwest! Take a drive downtown to their storefront to see many unique pieces of artwork that have been placed in their windows for your viewing.

A Home Away from Home - Cornerstone Pie

There is not a more perfect spot than Cornerstone Pie to create an artisan pizza exactly the way you like it. Founded by Donna Malek & Mark Holloway, this business was built upon the idea of bringing the restaurant to the house. This eatery is made unique from the rest in the area because it is in the form of a residential home. The captivating decor that has been meticulously placed all around the space is full of history made by the owners. The bar counters are made from cascade school chalkboards, and the doors and hangers on the bar were made from the old college home in which they lived. This Ellensburg business serves as a home away from home when you choose to dine!

Help ease this restaurant back into full business, by participating in their pick-up and delivery options. Learn more about how to do so, here: cornerstonepie.com

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Pie
Photo courtesy of Evolve

Celebrating Small Communities - Evolve Clothing & Jewelry

Evolve Clothing & Jewelry is a boutique located in downtown Ellensburg that is full of unique and diverse pieces from small businesses around the world. This boutique’s mission is to support and enhance the artist, merchant, and customer community. Uniquely, the owner of the boutique takes regular trips to India to embrace the culture and find new items to sell. The sophisticated and intricate designs found in pieces from India, Thailand and Nepal will have you coming back for more! Check out their storefront next time you are strolling the streets of downtown Ellensburg to see what unique treasures you can find.

It is our pleasure to have you visit our town and experience some of the greatest businesses that our community has to offer. We appreciate you following along with us, and hope to see you very soon in our beautiful city of Ellensburg.