Where To Go Fly Fishing In The Ellensburg Area

Ellensburg is home to many nearby fishing lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds all surrounded by the remarkable Snoqualmie Pass and Kittitas County landscapes. Kittitas County includes the Yakima River which is known as one of the best trout river locations in all of Washington. There are so many opportunities to catch a variety of unique and beautiful fish, which is why fly fishing is an extremely popular outdoor activity in Ellensburg. Many locals love to fly fish and have adopted it as a true day-to-day passion that they go out and do often. Due to its extreme popularity, Ellensburg has some awesome fly fishing services that offer everything fishing-related imaginable. These fly fishing shops offer amazing equipment, bait, lessons and classes, guided fishing tours, tips and tricks, and so much more. Whether you’re an expert fly fisher or a beginner, anyone can try fly fishing and experience a special Ellensburg activity right in the great outdoors. Go for a fly fishing adventure in the Ellensburg area by checking out these beautiful locations. These locations are truly the best to fly fish so we hope you enjoy all these spots have to offer.

Yakima River

As stated before, the Yakima River is known as the best trout-catching body of water in all of Washington. It’s such a popular and beautiful location, that you won”’t fall short of all the fly fishing shops that provide guided fishing tour classes on the river or have proper fishing techniques, especially pertaining to the river’s waters. The majority of the trout in the waters are native rainbows, but you can definitely get lucky and occasionally catch some cutthroat and non-native trout! This location is very highly recommended and talked about, and you won’t run out of local fly fishing and fishing gear shops in the area. Definitely book a guided fishing tour along the Yakima River for a fly fishing experience you won’t ever forget. If you are passionate about fishing then make this your first stop on your trip and see what all the raving is about! Don’t miss out and fuel your sense of outdoor adventure by fly fishing along the gorgeous Yakima River!

Photo by Lia Simcox

Wanapum Lake

Wanapum Lake is another great fishing destination near the Ellensburg area. This lake is a dam section in the Columbia River and is known for some good salmon catching that generally runs pretty well. The Columbia River is so huge that salmon is not the only fish you’re bound to catch! Be on the lookout for many other fish species like sturgeon, and pay close attention because you may be able to find some walleye and smallmouth bass! The Wanapum Lake features some extraordinary salmon catching in the summertime season, and you can usually find sockeye and big kings during the months of late summer and early fall. This lake does have its obstacles due to weather and some restrictions, but if you are a fly fishing pro then make this destination a must-do on your list. If you”’re up for the challenge and want to test your fly fishing skills in a brand new area, then check out this incredible and majestic waterway!

McCabe Pond

McCabe Pond is a beautiful fly fishing location that will surely bring you tons of luck during your next fishing excursion! This 7-acre pond in the Helen McCabe State Park near Ellensburg is excellent in the early spring for stocked 10- to 12-inch rainbow trout and some jumbo trout weighing a pound or more. There are almost 2,000 catchable rainbow trout and 200 jumbo trout stocked March through May, so don’t miss out on all the plentiful and majestic fish! You can also catch sunfish at McCabe Pond, and you might also land the occasional channel catfish, which have been caught up to 8 pounds. McCabe is only about a 10-minute drive south of Ellensburg along Canyon Road, and also easily reaches off I-82. All motors (electric or internal combustion) are prohibited on boats and other floating devices. Make sure to check out McCabe Pond for a unique fishing experience with some awesome fishing finds that will have you on your toes and filled with excitement.

Mattoon Lake

Check out Mattoon Lake for a final fly fishing outdoor adventure to round out your fly fishing stops. Mattoon Lake is a beautiful freshwater lake located in Kittitas County, Washington near Ellensburg. It has an elevation of 1491 ft. and 26.1 acres, and it’s home to several species of fish, including common carp, yellow perch, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and pumpkinseed sunfish. Mattoon Lake provides good shoreline access and a boat launch. It has been historically stocked with rainbow trout and the largest stocked rainbow was about 10 pounds. The best time to catch is usually in the early morning and there are several fishing shops nearby that provide the best baits for catching trout and certain fish at Mattoon. There is good shoreline access and you’ll be sure to get some great luck while out on this fishing excursion adventure. Don’t miss out and add this lake to the list of spots you’ll be visiting to meet all your fishing needs!

Ellensburg has some truly wonderful fishing locations, as its surroundings are beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams. The surrounding nature is fantastic and perfect for fly fishing which makes fishing in general so popular around the area. There are many places to go fly fishing nearby so make sure you have a list ready of all the great fishing locations. The possibilities for fishing are endless and you’ll soon embark on a fishing adventure like never before and you’ll catch some awesome fish!